Key Features of Ducted Heating Systems

Ducted heating is a system that is used to heat various types of premises through a series of ducts installed in the floor or ceiling. With a ducted system, the ducts are positioned strategically throughout your premises in order to channel warm air to various rooms within the home or building.

A wall control device (the thermostat) is used to control the temperature of the incoming air. Ducted heating systems apply to more than just heating and cooling. They are also used in hot water systems and split systems.

These systems contain important features that make them effective at providing warm air to many different types of premises. Let's look at some of the key features that make ducted heating systems so effective.

Zoning options

With ducted heating, you can channel warm air to only specific rooms of the home/business at a time. This allows you to heat rooms where people are present, while saving on energy costs in unoccupied rooms.

You can also use one centralized controller to modify the heating that occurs in various rooms across the premises.

Efficient method used to warm air

Ducted heating systems utilize a more efficient method for heating and cooling air. An internal combustion mechanism is used to mix air and gas for a clean and efficient combustion process.

Many ducted heating systems use gas to provide the energy needed to produce warm air, but other ducted systems can also utilize electricity to achieve the same result. Regardless of the heating method used, ducted systems keep the process clean and easy to manage for the home/building.

Quiet operation

Another key feature that sets ducted heating systems apart is their ability to maintain quiet operation. The fan used in the system is able to maintain a variable speed, effectively expelling gases to the outside of the premises without causing noise pollution.


Ducted systems are able to maximize on their use of gas while causing minimal wastage. Most systems are equipped with a modulating gas control that works in conjunction with the burner in order to use just the right amount of gas that is necessary at any particular time.

Safe operation

Ducted systems can heat your premises while causing minimal risk to potential damages. They are equipped with multiple safety features such as flame sensors and temperature control that quickly respond to potential hazards experienced during heating and cooling.

To learn more about ducted heating, contact an air conditioning maintenance professional near you.